Marin Landscape Materials
7596 Redwood Blvd, Novato CA 94945
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Lawn Seed & Fertilizers in Novato, California

Marin Landscape Materials in Novato, California, has proudly supplied high-quality lawn seed and fertilizers since 1959. We have all the landscape materials to make your garden the greenest and healthiest in the neighborhood, from bark to sod.
Bark — Landscape Equipment & Supplies Dealers in Novato, CA
Dirt — Landscape Equipment & Supplies Dealers in Novato, CA
  • Fir Bark— Mini & Pathway
  • Blonde Redwood Chips
  • Nitrolized Sawdust
  • Blackwood chips
  • Shredded Redwood — Fine or Coarse
Boulders per Pound or Ton
  • Sonoma Fieldstone
  • Sonoma Fieldstone Boulders
  • Paletized Fieldstone
  • Red Lava Boulders
  • Black Lava
Fertilizers & Lawn Seed
  • Turf Grow 16-6-8 — Available in 50 lb. Bags
  • Grass Seeds 1lb. & 5lb
Pacific Sod
  • Greenfield Turf & Delta Bluegrass
  • Planters Mix
  • Fill Dirt
  • Compost
  • River Sand
  • Oly Sand
  • Fill Sand
  • Playbox Sand
Keep your lawn green and healthy with our all purpose lawn fertilizer.